Energy shop

Generators offer their renewable energy in the energy store. You will find nearby generators, you can filter by energy price, type of generation and search by the name and description of the offer.

The energy shop

In the All in power platform, you can use the energy shop to create your own energymix.

Search for offers that meet your criteria. You can search for a certain type of renewable energy, define a price range, search for keywords, and more.

Accepting an offer

When you find an offer that appeals to you in the All in power energy shop, the next step is to make a commitment on buying this offer’s energy. 

Creating a contract is easy, once you find an offer you like, you click on the offer to go to its detail page. On this page, you will find configuration options allowing you to define how much energy you want to buy.


As soon as you login to the All in power platform, you will be greeted by the dashboard.

The dashboard gives vital insights.

    • Have i purchased enough energy?
    • Are my smart meters still healthy and functional?
    • What is the status of my invoice(s)?