You determine where your energy comes from

Energy consumers determine with their energy bill which energy producers they want to support. The platform ensures that 100% of your energy bill ends up at your selected energy suppliers. That way you know for sure that your energy bill contributes to fair renewable energy.

Your energy mix

The All in power platform is the only way to purchase energy from multiple sources. You easily compile your own personalized energy mix. Part from your own production, part from your neighbour and a part from a local wind farm. You can select as many suppliers as you want.

100% transparent

The All in power platform is completely transparent. What you pay is what your supplier receives, 1 to 1.  If you compare the invoices of yourself and your suppliers, you will be able to check it yourself: 100% transparency.

Energy supplier

Supplies its renewable energy directly to its energy consumer at a fixed price. The supplier receives a 1-on-1 compensation from the buyer and generates up to 30% more revenue thanks to the low platform costs.

Energy consumer

Is supplied energy directly from the producer of choice for a fixed price. Energy consumers pay monthly for the actual quantity of consumed energy and is supplied better energy at a lower price.

The energy shop

Suppliers offer their renewable energy in the energy shop. You will find nearby suppliers, can filter by energy price, type of generation and search by the name and description of offers.

When you find an offer of your liking in the All in power energy shop, the next step is to seal the deal easily and safely via the platform.

Ready to start?

From 2020 you can participate in the All in power platform as an energy consumer. So a little more patience is required. Leave your details to be kept up to date!