From now on anyone can become an energy supplier

The All in power platform provides a service that enables every renewable energy producer to become a fully-fledged energy supplier. Producers supply their own sustainable energy directly to end users via the All in power platform.

For whom?

Energy collectives

Collectives such as regional energy cooperatives and national agricultural cooperatives exchange energy generated by members with each other. Participants in a crowdfunded renewable energy generation project can purchase energy from their own project via the platform!

Project developers

Entrepreneurs who are active in the development of sustainable energy production projects can now trade their energy themselves. For example, as a fully-fledged energy supplier, you can cooperate with local residents, offering them benefits if they consume your locally generated renewable energy.

Large organizations

You have many gridconnections and you can produce your own energy. Via the All in power platform, you can supply self-generated energy to your own portfolio of grid connections. You trade the deficit or surplus on the energy market or APX.

Supplier services for renewable energy producers

The platform takes care of the traditional suppliers’ tasks so you can focus on the sales and generation of energy.

Direct energy supplies

You ensure the production of as much renewable energy as possible, we ensure that the energy ends up directly with your customers.

Financial settlement

We ensure that your customers receive an invoice for the energy supplier by you. This means you don’t need to worry about sending and following up on invoices.

Regulated costs

We collect the regulated costs due by your customers such as grid connection costs, energy taxes and VAT.

Customer service

Whatever your customers’ questions are, we are ready to answer them.

Production predictions

With A.I. forecasting models, we predict the production of your energy source and the demand of your customers so that supply and demand are always in balance.

Energy trading

If you produce more energy than your customers need, we will sell the surplus on the wholesale energy market (APX). In the event of shortages, we purchase energy from the same market. This way you can always supply energy, even when the sun is not shining or the wind not blowing.

The energy store

Suppliers offer their renewable energy in the energy store. The energy store is a marketplace for renewable energy. In the energy store, consumers purchase energy from one or more suppliers.

Suppliers can post public offers that can be found by anyone. It is also possible to place private offers that can only be found by specific customers so you can control whom can purchase your discounted energy.

Curious as to what the All in Platform can do for your bottom line?

Check the Dutch version of this page for a tool to calculate your benefits.


Below are a few example calcuations to give an indication of the platform’s benefits.

SDE+ project

A cooperative solar park realized in 2018 supplies its energy to the nearby residents at a fixed market rate of € 58 / MWh.

After deducting the platform costs and supplementing from the subsidy scheme, the revenue is € 122 / MWh, 11% higher than the available price of € 110 / MWh.

Grant-free solar power

We are almost there! After deduction of the platform costs, € 52 / MWh remains at the bottom-line when delivered to a consumer.

By using a solar installation in an approximately east / west arrangement and making dual utilizing roofing, it will be profitable to produce subsidy-free solar power from 2020 onwards. Wow!

project (PCR)

A postcoderoos (or “zip code”) project realized in 2019 supplies the energy to its members. These members have agreed on a market-based fixed price of € 58 / MWh with the cooperation.

After the deduction of costs, there is 44% more turnover than when delivered to an energy supplier.