our mission

We ensure that the energy transition is accessible to everyone

Everyone in power

Generators of
renewable energy

Generators of renewable energy supply their energy directly to consumers. You have full control over how to sell your energy, determining the price, target audience and options for personal discounts or other benefits.


Energyconsumers have control over the kind of (renewable) energy production  to support. Our platform is unique in this sense, we provide the tools to setup a personal energy mix, with multiple identifiable energy sources.

Collectives &
(big) companies

Collectives and (big) companies supply energy to themselves and partners. Professional generators supply their energy directly to consumers or energy markets and become an almost fully-fledged sustainable energy supplier through the All in power platform.

Our platform is 100% transparent.

If you compare the invoice from a generator and consumer, you will see identical items for the energy exchanged. What the consumer pays is what the generator receives, one-to-one. Seems only fair.


Delivers its renewable energy directly to the consumer at a fixed price. The supplier receives a 1-on-1 compensation from the consumer. This results in up to 30% more revenue generated due to the low platform costs.

The platform

Registers the agreements made.
Monitors the supply of energy.
Handles the payments 1-on-1.


Receives energy from one or multiple generators of choice, for a fixed price. Pays on a monthly-basis for actual energy consumed.

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Until the launch of the All in power platform!

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  • 16:30
  • Initiate, European Utility Week
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Marketplace for renewable energy

energie shop

Generators sell their renewable energy via the energy store. In this store, you can find nearby generators, filter by energy price, type of generation or use the search functionality, allowing you to find offers based on keywords.

Ready to go?

Join in! Check the following sample calculations or contact us for free advice or a demonstration.

Sample calculations

for generators

SDE+ project

A cooperative solar park realized in 2018 supplies its energy to the nearby residents at a fixed market rate of € 58 / MWh.

After deducting the platform costs and supplementing from the subsidy scheme, the revenue is € 122 / MWh, 11% higher than the available price of € 110 / MWh.

Grant-free solar power

We are almost there! After deduction of the platform costs, € 52 / MWh remains at the bottom-line when delivered to a consumer.

By using a solar installation in an approximately east / west arrangement and making dual utilizing roofing, it will be profitable to produce subsidy-free solar power from 2020 onwards. Wow!

project (PCR)

A postcoderoos (or “zip code”) project realized in 2019 supplies the energy to its members. These members have agreed on a market-based fixed price of € 58 / MWh with the cooperation.

After the deduction of costs, there is 44% more turnover than when delivered to an energy supplier.