Platform benefits

We are the only energy supplier that enables the direct supply of energy in a transparent way.

Check the 8 most important benefits of using the All in power platform.

Platform benefit #1

100% transparant

Our platform is 100% transparent.

If you compare the invoice from a generator and consumer, you will see identical items for the energy exchanged. What the consumer pays is what the generator receives, one-to-one. Seems only fair.

Het platform

  • Registers the agreements made.
  • Monitors the supply of energy
  • Handles the payments 1-on-1

Platform benefit #2

Personal energy mix

You determine with your energy bill which type of energy production you want to support. Preference for energy from the sun or rather wind? You don’t have to choose anymore! You put together your own personal energy mix, so you can be sure that your energy bill has a positive impact on the (local) energy transition and the climate.

Platform benefit #3

As cheap as it can be

Because we are more of a tech company than an energy supplier, we do things differently. So different that our platform is THE cheapest way to exchange sustainable energy.

Use it to your advantage!

Platformvoordeel #4

Generator in power

To whom do you deliver your renewable energy? That entirely up to you! Generators of renewable energy supply their energy directly to consumers. In this way you are no longer dependent on one intermediary party, but you spread your risk over several customers.

Platform benefit #5

Ready for the sharing economy

Some examples

  • You provide your neighbor with free energy in exchange for a wash of your solar panels.
  • If you buy energy from the regional milkman you can collect a liter of milk every week for free.
  • When you purchase a new television from the local electronics specialist, you get a year of free power for the TV.
  • The neighbors of your wind farm receive a nice discount for their support in the realization of the project.

Platform benefit #6

Really really really sustainable

We do not purchase energy on futures markets. As a result, we do not contribute to the preservation of fossil fuel powered energy generation.

Platform benefit #7

Grip on energy


  • Check your energy consumption and production
  • Notifications when exceptions occur
  • Easy to read energybill

Platform benefit #8

Grip on energy


  • Portfolio management, overview of all your gridconnections
  • Manage gridconnections by adding them to custom groups
  • Collective invoice per group of gridconnections
  • Grip on costs and benefits per gridconnection (or group)

Ready to go?